Bring people together, connect, create uniquely memorable events

In today’s world of ‘Big is Best’, sometimes the genuine experience of the individual is forgotten in favour of all-singing-all-dancing shows. Not with Candy Queens….

What makes a successful event?

We understand that a successful event is all about the experience of the individual, and we LOVE to create positive experiences! The positive power of immersive experiences has been proven and rather than simply watching the entertainment, people want to get involved, make friends and share laughs! Let us create delightful pockets of discovery where laughing and connections are encouraged, and memories are there for the taking.

How do you create the fun?

Candy Queens’ range of entertainment focuses on the experience of the individual within the event. We deliver games and experiences which really get the party started! Our entertainments are presented with a stylish and alternative high class feel and our bespoke set and props are created in the Candy Queens studio. Our friendly hostesses roam the event with retro games or Polaroid styling team and create an inclusive Party within a Party to delight and surprise guests.
Our static Glitter Boutique or Luxury Games Parlour are also (wo)manned by generously inclusive Candy Queens who make sure the laughs spread to every corner of the room.

Could there be anything more?

Of course! We can provide a whole party with entertainment PLUS delightful sweet treats. Simply click to our Candy Floss or Candy Buffet tabs and immerse yourself in the world of Candy Queens…………

We need to talk!

During the last 5 years we have had the privilege of working with many big brands, as well as private clients. We are accustomed to big festival style events as well as smaller family celebrations and corporate parties. But whatever the event,  we want to make sure that you are happy. Feel free to get in touch, and we can share our professional experience with you, to decide what might best suit your event.


Bring something fresh to your event • Create moments of delight • Banish boring parties forever!