About the Candy Queens

In the beginning there was just a candy floss machine……

Candy Queens have been creating fun for corporate, public and private events since 2011, working with household name brands and high end clients to provide unique experiences and fabulous memories.  Our knowledge that people love to have fun, cut loose and throw away their inhibitions comes from our experience of creating the fun – at festivals, parties and in our own lives! So working intuitively, listening to our clients and keeping our fingers on the pulse, we came up with our own brand of high impact visuals, costumes and games. In a spark of genius we added a candy floss machine, a lot of glitter and big smiles, our special type of fun was born.

Head Queen Carola Del Mese has come from a creative background and career in set and prop design for theatre, TV and events. After working within the festival performance world, creating venue sets and coordinating entertainment, she decided to bring together her creative skills and passion for excitement to create Candy Queens.

The dream of Candy Queens has evolved, and we now work with an experienced group of performers who love to interact, play generously and whose speciality is encouraging people to have fun. We are happy to adapt to every type of event and to work with you, using our experience to make suggestions for the best type of entertainment we can provide for you.
Our clients range from foreign royalty to household name companies and everything in between. Below are just some of the companies we have worked with to create fabulous and fun experiences.